Welcome to your home for acupuncture in Steamboat Springs!

My name is Lisa Thornhill and this is my Chinese Medicine clinic. I utilize acupuncture, herbs & related therapies to treat a wide variety of ailments including chronic pain, migraines, PTSD, addiction, stress, anxiety and depression. My particular passion is helping women focus on issues specific to them, including menstrual disorders, infertility and menopause. I also practice NAET allergy elimination and use acupressure (no needles) to treat children and needle-phobic adults.

I believe that you are your greatest healer, and I strive to educate my clients to take daily steps towards better health. I pledge to keep updated on the latest industry research related to your issues. I also promise to only carry herbal & nutritional supplements that have been purity-tested. My mission is to provide you with high quality, individualized diagnosis and treatment to help you reach your optimum health potential.  

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